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8 Ways To Jazz Up Your Little Black Dress

18 August

Your little black dress is probably one of the most important pieces in your closet. Unfortunately, as time passes, it might not have the same pizzazz that it once did. Luckily for you, there are ways you can glam up your dress so that it does not look its age.  Cinch your waist. A metallic […]

Start A Hair Salon In 4 Simple Steps

14 July

You’re a licensed cosmetologist. You’ve spent time working in salons, but now you’d like to go into business for yourself. You want to start your own hair salon, and you’ve done some research, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin. These four steps outline the basics involved in opening a hair salon: 1. Obtain […]

Tips For Designing A Custom Tattoo

04 June

A tattoo is a personal expression of your personality or history. While going into a tattoo parlor and selecting flash from the wall is a good way to ease into the world of tattooing, eventually you’ll want to design your own art. You may choose to modify a stock design or start from scratch. Either […]

The Dark Side Of Teeth Whitening

06 January

Teeth-whitening or -bleaching techniques are now available to suit different budgets, time frames and temperaments, and are universally valued as a safe and effective way to regain white teeth and a bright smile. Whitening solutions range from scheduled in-office bleaching sessions to home treatments with professionally dispensed whitening kits and convenient, affordable over-the-counter bleaching agents […]