Three Gifts Your Hair Stylist Will Love This Holiday Season

Three Gifts Your Hair Stylist Will Love This Holiday Season

01 December

They’ve seen you at your worst and fixed your most horrific hair mistakes: the time you tried to cut your own bangs, the time you tried discount dye, the time you left the curling iron in just a bit too long and singed half your hair off. No matter how big the blunder, your hair stylist, such as at Kat’s Little Hair House, has always made sure you left the salon looking great. They deserve a big reward for their patience and prowess. Here’s a handy list of gifts your hair dresser will love this holiday season.

A Big, Fat Tip

There’s nothing like spendable cash to put a smile on your stylist’s face. The average hairdresser makes about $26,460 a year, and they rely heavily on tips to make ends meet. While satisfied customers generally tip between 10 to 25% of the service cost, you should aim a bit higher for a holiday bonus.

Consider offering a tip equaling half (or more!) of your average styling bill. Put this amount in a holiday card with a personal note expressing your thanks and leave it on their station when your next haircut is complete. Don’t worry—there’s no need to leave an additional tip on top of the holiday bonus.

Gift Cards

If you’ve been going to your stylist for quite some time, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of their favorite things. Is there always a cup from a popular coffee stand sitting on their station? Surprise them with a gift card to that location to ensure they’ll have enough java to get them well into the new year.

Gift cards to book stores, favorite clothing boutiques, and trendy restaurants are always appreciated, as are prepaid services for your stylist’s own beauty routines like manicures, pedicures, or tanning sessions.

Holiday Goodies

Nothing makes a home smell like the holidays more than an oven filled with baked goods, so share the bounty with your beautician. An elegantly wrapped plate of fresh baked cookies, candies, or Christmas cake will be a welcome treat for your stylist to munch on in between clients.

You can still provide sweet treats even if you’re a disaster in the kitchen. A membership to a wine, cookie, or fruit of the month club will keep on giving all year long.

Do your stylist a favor and stay away from the fruitcake, lest your thoughtful “treat” become a decorative doorstop.

Your beautician keeps you looking fabulous all year long. This holiday season, repay them for all their hard work with a special something to let them know you appreciate their hard work.

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