How To Determine If A Perm Is Right For You– For Free

How To Determine If A Perm Is Right For You– For Free

23 January

There are many women who have straight hair who feel that they would look better if they had curly hair. Getting a perm at a salon is quite a commitment because the perm will permanently change your hair. If you think that curly hair would be a better fit for you, consider testing out the look before you go to the salon. Use the following guide to learn how to make ringlet curls in your hair without having to spend a dime.

Make the Curlers

Cut an old t-shirt into strips that are one and a half inches wide. Once you have created the long strips, cut the strips into five to six inch pieces.

Wash Your Hair

Before you can curl your hair, you need to wash it so that it can be clean and a little wet when you attempt to curl it. It is best to put the curlers in before you go to bed at night so that your hair has all night to dry. Dry your hair until it is just slightly damp.

Separate Your Hair

Divide your hair into four even sections. Keep the sections divided by twisting each section into a small bun and securing it with a rubber band. This will keep the hair from drying out and keep each section out of the way as you curl a loose section.

Curl Your Hair

Release the bottom right section of your hair and brush it out until there are no knots in it. You then need to section off a portion of your hair that is roughly one inch wide. Take one piece of the t-shirt and wrap the end of your hair around it and then roll the piece so that your hair wraps around it. Once you reach your scalp, tie the ends of the scrap together twice to ensure it stays in place. Repeat the process until your entire head is curled.

Remove the Curlers

The next morning, start at the bottom of your scalp and untie the bottom tie. Unroll the strip and you should see a tight curl release. Do not attempt to pull the scrap from your hair because that could damage your hair.

If you decide that you like the look that the curls create, you can go to a salon and get a perm. The entire process will take a few hours, depending upon how long your hair is. Once the perm is in your hair, the curls will look great for quite a few months, but you will need to get the perm touched up as your hair grows out. Another great option is to visit a beauty school in your area.

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