What To Tell Parents Who Might Not Be Totally Supportive Of A Vegas Wedding

What To Tell Parents Who Might Not Be Totally Supportive Of A Vegas Wedding

09 April

Getting married in Vegas does not have to be a let down for the family. After years of dreaming of a big church wedding back home, moms and dads may be upset to hear their kids’ plans to fly to Vegas for a quick wedding. The traditional exchanging of vows has come to be expected in some social circles. Yet, today’s couples often want to just have a good time and get the formalities done as soon as possible. And, Vegas affords them this opportunity in an Elvis chapel.

So, for those who want to get married in an Elvis wedding chapel in Vegas, here are the things they should tell doubting parents to help them realize that these are legitimate ceremonies that family and friends should respect.

  • A DVD of the Event is Always Available

The chapel provides a video recording of the ceremony. Prospective couples can inform parents that there will be a copy of the event that the family can show to friends who might have doubts about what took place. The  wedding DVD is documented evidence that the couple did not merely elope and say their vows in some backwoods courthouse. Instead, viewers see the regal settings of the beautiful chapel in the background.

  • A Minister Presides

Parents who wish for their kids to have a traditional wedding often do so because they believe a minister should preside over the function. They can relax because the Elvis wedding chapel in Vegas by law has to employ ministers registered with the Clark County Nevada authorities. Despite the fact that they wear elaborate costumes when requested, these men and women are ordained ministers licensed to wed couples and provide spiritual counseling for those in need.

  • A Set of Witnesses Provided

Another sticking point for the parent bent on their offspring getting married the old-fashioned way is that these ceremonies are public so that the joining of the couple comes before the world. Well, the Elvis chapel provides witnesses for this very reason.  No parent need worry that the weddings here take place with no one present to vouch for their legitimacy. 

Elvis-themed Weddings Meet the Standards of Traditional Ceremonies

As shown here, there is little cause for parental concern about a Vegas wedding in a themed chapel. Anyone planning such a wedding should just state some of the rebuttals presented above to help persuade parents on the fence about supporting the nuptials. For more information, check out companies such as A Little White Wedding Chapel.

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