Tips For Designing A Custom Tattoo

Tips For Designing A Custom Tattoo

04 June

A tattoo is a personal expression of your personality or history. While going into a tattoo parlor and selecting flash from the wall is a good way to ease into the world of tattooing, eventually you’ll want to design your own art. You may choose to modify a stock design or start from scratch. Either way, create a custom tattoo that truly speaks about your inner spirit.

Look at Lots of Tattoos

Just like when you decide to buy a car you notice cars everywhere, tattoos are the same way. Embrace this. Scroll through tattoo websites such as Inked Mag. Visit actual tattoo parlors and talk to the artists. Look for tattoos when you’re going about your daily life, and talk to people about where they got their ink. People are justifiably proud of their ink, and they’ll be delighted to tell you where they got the artwork done.

Think About the Target Expression

Why are you getting a tattoo? Chances are you want it to either express something you feel on the inside or adorn your outside – or both. Think about what expression you want to make, and associate symbols with that feeling. For instance, perhaps you want to commemorate a life event. Consider whether you want literal images from that event or figures that represent your emotions at the time.

Make a Rough Sketch

Even if you feel you don’t have any artistic talent, put pencil to paper. Try to get a feel for the idea you want to convey. Start with a centerpiece, and build up the images, colors and words you want associated with your tattoo. If you’re struggling, turn to the computer either for inspiration or image help. While it’s inexact to create a picture collage that can translate into a tattoo, such an action at least gives an idea of your target design.

Consider the Location

Before you get too far along in your tattoo design, consider the location of the artwork. Places such as your back, ribs and thighs provide large canvases for the work. However, showing off your ink in those locations is tricky. Likewise, placing a tattoo near or on your hands makes it difficult to hide in straight-laced situations. Think not only about your current lifestyle but future endeavors as you consider locations for your tattoo.

Consult the Experts

Tattoo artists have to be, you know, artists. Chat with a tattoo artist at place like Gallery Tattoo & Piercing to go over your ideas. Be honest about size and budget considerations. A tattoo is the last place you want to scrimp — it lasts forever. However, your tattoo artist may be able to suggest a smaller or less elaborate design to stay within budget.

A tattoo is a permanent adornment, so you want to give considerable thought and planning to the design. Consider all the input from your various resources, and design just the artwork right for your skin.