How To Cut Side Bangs In Your Hair

How To Cut Side Bangs In Your Hair

18 September

Cutting bangs can change the look of your hair without altering its structure with a perm or hair coloring. Traditional, straight bangs may seem a bit dated, but trendy side bangs can offer a sophisticated flair. If your hair has been one length for a while or if the front section of your hair is often pulled away from your face, side bangs can frame your face in an attractive new way without sacrificing the length of the rest of your hair. Hair cutting classes can ensure that you are trained to cut your hair properly. However, if you would like to try to cut your side bangs on your own, these are the steps you should follow: 

Section your hair.

Since you will only be cutting a small section of your hair, the area must be defined with a part. Align your comb with the mid-way site between your brows and move the comb upward until your reach the top of your head. This center point will be the starting place for your part. Now part your hair diagonally from this starting point down to an outer corner of your forehead, aligning the end of the part with the outer end of your brow. Repeat on the opposite side and hold the hair in place with a clip. The remaining hair can be placed in a pony tail to prevent it from being accidentally cut. If your hair is too short for one ponytail, use multiple ponytails or simply clip the loose strands away from the sectioned hair.    

Comb your sectioned hair to the opposite side.

If you would like your side bangs to go to the left, remove your clip and brush your sectioned hair to the right. Likewise, for side bangs that sweep to the right, brush your hair to the left. 

Twist and clip your sectioned hair. 

After your hair is brushed to the side, twist the section by holding the hair and rotating it one revolution counterclockwise. This will result in the hair being cut in a slight downward curve instead of a completely straight diagonal line that can look severe and cause the hair to frame your face unnaturally.

Place a clip below the twist to help hold your hair in position. The clip should be placed diagonally, following an imaginary line from the outer end of the closest eyebrow to the outer edge of the closest nostril.

Cut your bangs. 

Using trimming shears, which will give you the most precise cut, cut your hair about an inch below the clip following the same angle as your clip. Your cut should be parallel to your clip. Once you have snipped your bangs, remove your clip, brush your hair in the opposite direction and enjoy your new bangs.

Side bangs can be tricky because the hair is cut at an angle. If you would like to practice before cutting your own bangs, you can sign up for hair cutting classes (at a local outlet such as Cannella School of Hair Design). Enroll today to sharpen your hair-cutting skills and avoid mistakes.