The Power Of Flowers: Know The Meaning Behind The Blooms

The Power Of Flowers: Know The Meaning Behind The Blooms

04 November

Flowers are always a welcome gift and they are an excellent way to express something specific to someone special. Did you know that there are specific meanings behind the flowers that you buy, send, and give? Before you run out and buy a simple bunch of assorted blooms, consider what you really want to say to your recipient, and seek out these special flowers from area florists, markets, and retailers to express this sentiment perfectly. 

Some popular floral options and their underlying meanings include:

  • Hydrangeas represent gratitude and appreciation. Perfect for Mother’s Day!
  • Lavender symbolizes beauty and admiration. These are a meaningful filler-flower that smells great.
  • Tall, lovely Gladiolas are perfect for remembrance. These are a great bloom for honoring someone, such as for a birthday or special milestone event.
  • Gerbera daisies represent cheer. These colorful flowers are perfect for a spring holiday.
  • Daisies symbolize purity and innocence. Give them to a young person, or to commemorate a birthday.
  • An iris represents elegance and eloquence. These make a sophisticated gesture or gift.
  • Give hyacinth when you want to be playful, or when you are giving a gift to someone sporty and youthful.
  • Daffodils represent a new beginning. They are perfect when you want to tell someone that you are sorry.
  • Asters are a great way to apologize, as these represent patience.
  • Lilacs symbolize confidence, and these make an exemplary gift for Mother’s Day as they typically bloom in the spring.
  • Lilies represent purity and chaste.
  • Give someone you care about a peony, which shows compassion and a pure heart.
  • Make someone feel safe and secure by giving them Queen Anne’s Lace.
  • Show your recipient that you believe they are strong with snapdragons.
  • In sympathy or for a sad occasion, send gentle, purple statice.

If you want to show someone special that you really care, consider the following flowers:

  • Carnations represent beauty and pride. What better way to show someone that you love them?
  • Give a gardenia to tell someone you think they are sweet!
  • Orchids symbolize exotic beauty.
  • Give someone a beautiful sunflower to show dedication to them.
  • Tulips are a proclamation of your affection.
  • Sweet peas symbolize pure bliss, which makes a loving statement to someone special.
  • Of course, a red rose tells the recipient that you love them. Other rose colors have different meanings, but don’t send blue or black roses to show love; these represent the end of the relationship. 

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