5 Ways To Commemorate Your Child With A Tattoo

5 Ways To Commemorate Your Child With A Tattoo

16 December

For many parents, their children are the most important part of their life, so it makes sense that they would want to commemorate their children through a personalized tattoo. However, with an ever-changing child, it can be difficult to decide what type of tattoo will capture their personality and your love for them for the rest of your life. Here are five ideas for ways to honor your young child that will stand the test of time. 

Your Child’s Name 

Text tattoos are a controversial subject in the tattoo industry. However, with a small piece of text such as a name, it is possible to place the tattoo in a way that works with the natural curves and tone of your body and is still easy to read and artistic. 

For an added creative boost, consider turning each of the letters in your child’s name into a symbol that represents your current relationship with your child. 

Your Child’s Birth Date 

Dates have the same difficulties as words. However, since they tend to be shorter than most names, they are easy to place in a discreet place. This makes them a subtle choice for parents who want a tattoo representing their child but do not want to commit to a larger, more obvious piece. 

A Footprint or Handprint 

Your child’s footprint or handprint is truly unique, so adding it to your tattoo ensures you a unique piece of art. However, with very young babies it can be difficult to get their footprint or handprint without smudging it. You may want to wait until your child is slightly older to get a good print. Some hospitals still take footprints of newborns, so if your hospital offered this service, you may be able to copy and use these prints. 

Your Child’s Favorite Toy 

For a less structured tattoo, you may want to look for inspiration from your child’s favorite toy or bedtime story. These types of tattoo can encapsulate the way you feel about and interact with your young child, which can be heartwarming as they grow up. 

A Photograph of Your Child 

Drawing realistic faces is an advanced artistic skill, and tattooing them well demands even more skill. If you want a picture of your child, you should go to an artist with an extensive portfolio of faces in the style that you want. 

A tattoo to commemorate your child is an intimate sign of your relationship. It is important to select a truly representative tattoo that you will be happy with as your child grows and changes. For more information, talk to a shop like Jimi’s Tattoo & Body Piercing.