3 Tips For Finding Attractive Shoes When You Have Large Feet

3 Tips For Finding Attractive Shoes When You Have Large Feet

03 January

Any woman who is into fashion knows that the right pair of shoes can make any outfit. Unfortunately, finding attractive footwear when you have large feet can be challenging. If you find that you are having difficulties locating stylish shoes in your size, here are three tips that you can use to help you find the shoes you need to complete your wardrobe in the future.

1. Shop International

Thanks to the Internet, you are no longer limited to the stores in your immediate geographic area when it comes to shopping for the shoes that you need. Although your large feet may be an anomaly where you live, there are plenty of women throughout the world who have feet as large (and some even larger) than yours.

Taking the time to browse through some international commerce sites could help you locate a vendor that offers stylish shoes in affordable sizes. Just be sure that you pay close attention to the measurements before placing an order, since international sizing can vary from one vendor to the next.

2. Ask For A Referral

Thanks to the popularity of reality television shows featuring drag queens, more and more entertainment venues are featuring drag shows for their patrons. You can take advantage of the rise in the popularity of the drag queen by asking your local queens for some referrals when it comes to shopping for shoes.

Most drag queens embody an exquisite sense of style, and they only wear shoes that are fierce and fabulous. Since a drag queen’s feet are similar in size to women with larger feet, your local queens will likely be able to direct you to some great resources for finding stylish shoes in your size.

3. Go Custom

A quality pair of shoes can last for a significant amount of time, so it may be beneficial for you to invest money into a custom pair of shoes. Your local cobbler will be able to craft a pair of shoes that is made to fit the exact specifications of your feet.

Although the cost for this custom work is more than a pair of shoes purchased through a retail venue, you will end up with a durable and stylish pair of shoes that can provide maximum comfort for your larger feet.

Finding attractive footwear doesn’t have to be difficult- even if you have a larger foot. Try shopping internationally, asking drag queens for a referral, or investing in a custom pair to help you meet your shop-shopping needs.

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